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Fly Tying

Soft Hackle Swap

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Well, I guess I can host a Soft Hackle swap. I have never hosted a swap before but would be willing to do it. How about doing 12 people total. How about a deadline for having the flies in by April 15th, tax day here in the US.


1. millerwb - Red Ass COMPLETED

2. OSD - Alpha & Omega green on green RECEIVED 3/17

3. Crotalus - Guinea & Something RECEIVED 4/12

4. FloydianSlip - Woven bodied Caddis Softhackle RECEIVED 4/9

5. fcflyguy - orange with peacock and stariling RECEIVED 3/29

6. mgj - partridge and orange (reluctantly wink.gif ) RECEIVED 3/17

7. mcfly - Partridge & Pheasant Tail RECEIVED 3/18

8. atroutbum2 - tbd RECEIVED 3/21

9. CapeBSalar - TBA RECEIVED 4/19

10. hunthicks - classic snipe and purple RECEIVED 4/25

11. hexfli - Glass Tail Caddis Soft Hackle RECIEVED 4/12

12. mendingline - tbd RECEIVED 4/7



WE are Closed! Remember 12 flies mailed in time to arrive by April 15th. Be sure to include a return envelope with appropriate postage. I will be updating this post when flies arrive and when they are all shipped out.


My mailing address:


W. Brian Miller

605 Esther Blvd.

Bryan, TX 77802-1814

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I'm addicted! I'm in! Pattern TBA


PS. Hey OSD I like your avatar. I have an 8*10 print of that very picture coming to me from California.. Cool Picture, I really like it.



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my partridge and oranges are done.


pm me your address please and they'll be in monday's mail.




*WHOOPSIE !!! saw it above*



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I have placed the address to mail to in the original first post. I will also be posting when the flies are received in the same post.





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