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Peacock Bass Patterns:

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I haven't ever fished for these, but I plan to. Here are some patterns I have come up with for Peacocks. Comments appreciated, and if you have some you use show them.







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I will be going down to South Florida later this spring.

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About 20 years ago when made aware peacock bass were in Miami canals & lakes bought Carlos Hildago's book South Florida's Peacock Bass. Bright multi-colored Clousers stripped fast usually got the strikes.

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I'd say any big streamers especially shad imitators and when they are acting aggressive call'em up with big bass poppers. Other times deep and slow for bigger fish.


MayanCichlid on an EP fiber fly.


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I'll start with the fact that I've only been to two places here in Florida targeting peas. As stated Flatsroamer, and Bimini15 would be the guys in here with the most experience with peacocks.. I think. Denduke has probably put more time in them than me also.


First try was a few minutes off the bank on canal of Blue Lagoon, (Miami Airport lakes). A few cast with a zonker/ep streamer, I got my first one. Then a few months later I went back with a boat and great expectations. Me and a fellow member here spent all day throwing every fly in the box before we each landed one. He got his on a little terrestrial looking trout fly and mine came on a bead-chain, green zonker pattern. In hindsight I think our problem was fishing too shallow. I didn't take a fish finder, but apparently the canals are a lot deeper than I thought. Everyone has said clousers, clousers, clousers.. is all you need. Well I've never fished them much so I didn't take any with me. I bet we would have done much better with some deep clousers.


The second and most recent excursion targeting them was south of West Palm in Lake Ida. I simply went to a park on the lake and fished from the bank. It wasn't long before I had several misses and follows with a small streamer. I switched to a slow sinking bream buster type fly and landed 3 pretty quick. One was a nice male that was bigger than he appeared in the water.


Both places where vastly different worlds. But if I was heading back to Miami..you better believe I'd carry some clousers.


I'll probably plan a trip to lake Ida with the boat when it warms up some. It's a little closer for me. I also have a long time buddy who guides for peacock at lake ida if you're looking.


Here are a few pics and a couple flies I caught them on.


I know I'm probably not much help...but good luck. Let us know how it goes.

Ps I like "orange" and "orange and blue" out of the flies you have pictured.







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