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Fly tying pioneers

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Shane Stalcup


Ralph Cutter

Craig Matthews

Hans Van Klinken

Allen McGee

Cal Bird

Rick Takahashi

John Barr

Rim Chung

Taylor "Beartracks" Williams

Roy Patrick

Eric Leiser

Hans Weilenmann

Jude Duran



Tim Fox

Mike Mercer

Greg Vinci

Pat Dorsey

Skip Morris

Mike Mercer

Rowan Nyman

Ross A. Marigold

...and a bunch of other folks




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Some of the young guns are doing some cool streamer work.


like who?

Gunnar Brammer, Cohen. I think the young, often pierced and tattooed guys and gals are doing some interesting streamer, salt and warm water stuff. Owen White is doing some innovative stuff. They all look young to me.

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Andre'(Andy} Puyans-Was fortunate to work in in his fly shop for a number of years and observe a very creative tyer with many friends & contacts in fly fishing.

Lee Wulff

Rene Harrop

Mike Lawson

Lefty Kreh

Hal Janssen

Bob Quigley

Shane Stalcup

Charlie Craven

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