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Fly materials kits

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Here's the web site: http://collinshacklefarm.com/Home.asp


The only way to get 4 capes is to let them choose the colors. You can choose the colors for $20 each which is still a good deal.


"Commercial Grades (2 ways to purchase):

1) colors of your choice - $20.00

2) Grab bag, 4 colors of MY choice - only $60.00"





Call and talk to him. I did and amazingly enough the grab bag was 3 of the four colors we had discussed that I hadn't ordered separately. If he says order the grab bag and whatever other cape because its not available in the grab bags, do it. he doesn't say that unless he knows he can get you the colors you want in that grab bag. If he doesn't specifically tell you to order the grab bag, you won't be getting the colors you are looking for. Every time he has told me to order the grab bag its arrived and at least three of the capes are colors I want.


Its not a perfect world, so the grab bags are not top of the line quality, but they are great for the price, and will tie well. They're not bad materials by any means.


and yeah I like whiting too, but I just can't seem to get then at great prices.





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