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pimped nymph for rainbow trout

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Hi guys,

I do not know how are in your rivers but where I go ( on waters from Central Europe and East Europe ) rainbow are aggressive and easy to catch with colorful nymphs. Eggs in orange or chartreuse or nymphs like this one bellow catch mainly rainbow. The brown trout is more selective and take better the nymphs in "natural" colors.

The nymph bellow worked fine in Slovenia and Austria. I tied it on big hooks and I had really nice fish around 4-5 kilos .




Tying recipe:

* hook -Demmon # 10-14 ST900
* body and tail - pheasant barbs in natural color
* ribbing- red wire
* hot spot-made of UV TroutLine hot orange resin
* thorax- thorax dark dubbing
* back-magic braid back
* legs- partridge dyed picric

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thanks guys. yes, it works on murky waters quite well. Something similar with good results in muddy rivers both on rainbow and brown trout is a kind of Czech style of fly called Bobish. practically is a imitation of a ryachophila larva but made with back in hot colors:


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