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Fly Tying

April Flies from the Vise

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Cream, I see maybe five red hairs a little out from the other red hairs. In other words, you suck at being sloppy.


Flytire, love the defined separation of color with little to no flare of the hair. That is a perfect black nose dace.

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Still working on my niece's fly box for Vermont, finished the nymph and wet fly half. Just started the dry section. Plan on tying, Nalle Puh's, Usuals and a variation of the Quigley Cripple using pheasant tail for the bodies, snowshoe rabbit for the wing, CDC and Elks, and some dry midges. I'll post some pictures when I'm done. Took a break from that. Back in March my salt water club did a workshop with a group called "Heroes on the Water" one of the groups members is South Jersey tyer who came up with a variation of the popper with gill slits. He did a tying class for the salt water club the beginning of April and he gave us some pre-made bodies to use and I brought some of the foam templates so I could copy them and shrink them down to fresh water bass and pan fish size. Here are the results.






A view from the back that shows the "gills" on the second fly






Back in November I picked up some EP brushes, seemed like a good idea at the time. After I got it home realized I probably never use it, but I did. A couple of lakes we fish have large shad populations so I tied up a couple of Calcasieu Pig Boat style flies with it.






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philly what kind of head is on the pigboats thanks rich

I use heavy tying thread on them. So its just a built up thread head coated with UV resin. It's easier to build the bullet shaped head with it.

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