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Fly Tying

April Flies from the Vise

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google images presents a number of articulated crease flies. GO! smile.png

Thats crazy. I googled it and didnt see any. I dont know how to use a computer I guess

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I was just screwing around trying to come up with something that will cast on a 6 wt SWT taper & catch nice size bass.


I didnt mean them to come out looking so much like a Morris Mouse pattern but they did.


The idea in my brain evidently didnt translate to my hands.

The first one was really complicated and time-consuming. I actually made a brush out of deer hair Mark Knapp sent me... wont be doing that again anytime soon.

Size 10 B200 Allen hook.


Oh well theyll catch fish.



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Caloosa - great bugs, they wouldn't last long in the 'glades - everyone of them would get shredded...




Thanks Capt.! That the was the plan. Except, they'll be getting wet in Glades County. One of these days I'll head south and hit the backwater of the 'glades with a fly. I've been a hand full of times out of choko and up to faka, but never with a fly rod in hand. Thanks again for the nod.



I'm hearing the bull bluegill have started constructing their summer condos. So the panfish box needs restocking now. This year, the topwater panfish box may have more little, durable, deer hair poppers than foam. This is a #6.


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Haven't tied much lately, but managed to get some time at the vise this week. Here's a few that came of it.

nice work :)

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Hook - Salmon/steelhead style
Thread - Black
Ribbing - Oval silver tinsel
Body - Flat silver tinsel
Inner Wing - Red and white bucktail, mixed
Outer Wing - Grizzly saddle, one on each side of bucktail wing

Reference - Steelhead Fly Tying Manual - Tom Light & Neal Humphrey

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