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Euro Sulphur Nymph video

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Hey everyone,

I would like to share a very easy, 3 minute euro sulphur nymph. I've been tying various sulphur nymphs over the years and some of my favorites have included Joe Humphrey's rather chunk sulphur nymph, Loren Williams Baron Nymph, Aaron Jasper's Fire Fly, and other very similar flies. Recently, I've been tying Tim Flagler's SBR Sulphur Nymph, but for my style of tying I can't justify the extra time spent on legs and a wing case, and this version has been productive.

It's a simple tie, the recipe is below as well as a video on how I tie it- I hope you enjoy and tightlines!- Dan




Hook: Hanak 130BL or your favorite nymph/light wire dry fly hook in sizes 14-18
Bead: 3mm gold tungsten bead as shown, but brass is also used when fish are actively feeding.
Thread: Olive 6/0 Danville
Tail: Nature's Spirit Lemon Barred Woodduck
Body: Nature's Spirit Ozark Mottled Turkey
Rib: Small gold wire
Thorax/Collar: Jan Siman Peacock Eye Dubbing #03
Hot Spot: UTC 70 Flouro Fire Orange


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Welcome to the site, Prime. Your video link doesn't seem to have come through.

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Copy the link from YouTube. You can just paste it right in the reply box, or click the "chain" icon in the tool bar and paste it there.

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