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Fly Tying

Deerhead video

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Nicely done video.

You tie/spin deer hair at about the level I do:

Im 60 years old been tiying flies since I was eight years old.

Somewhere in my late 20s or early 30s I really got into spinning and stacking deer hair for bass bugs.


In the early to mid 80s I got to tie with what was considered at the time some of the greats. Dave Whitlock, Billy Munn, Tim England and Jimmy Nix.... I never got to meet or tie with Chris Helm.


This was before the Internet and YouTube....Im sure there were hundreds of guys that could tie better than all of them... but you would never know it because they were in a magazine like they all were.


I still have flies from all those guys mentioned...And Im telling you right now you tie and I tie as good or better than all of them....But neither you or I hold a candle to what The Cream can do, Saint Marrys flies(SMF) Crackelback or Pat Cohen not mention a few others.


Post a video of the density those guys get and Ill pay you .



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A couple of our members are pretty good deer hair guys, thecream being probably the best but a few others are up there as well, cream has a bunch of you tube videos I think they're under Jeffrey creamer.

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Very nicely done Troutbuster -- both the video and the fly! I do a lot of smallmouth fishing, and the deer hair slider is my favorite fly to throw at them. Mine are pretty rudimentary looking compared to the one in your video though :) Very nice deer hair work.

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