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June fly swap

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If someone wants to take this swap on, PM samsonboi and set it up.


The minimum participation to host a swap must be met. Then you won't have to "suggest" a swap ... you can just start it.

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samsonboi, you tried this on the other board and I told you that is not how to run swaps. You jump in with no time to read and understand how things are done on boards. Mike and flytire have years on various boards and have told you right. Unless you take time to learn the rules and the way we run swaps you will not be successful. Throwing out a "is anyone interested in" is not the way to do it. List the swap correctly and after all rules are met and if there is enough participation the swap will run. I am one of the mods for this forum and take particular interest in the swaps. Failure to follow the well listed rules of swaps on this board will not be met kindly by myself or others. It's disruptive.


Nick, aka Bassman mod on CFRF who tried to help you there but guess it didn't take.

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