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Fish pictures

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Hey guys! Here are the pictures.

1. First fish of the year, and first fish I ever caugt at ruth pond.

2. I went to the docks and caught 2 irish lord, but I only posted the first and biggest fish.

3. I went to ruth pond and caught this one and 2 other ones.

4. The next day I went to the new docks and caught this herring. We went home to get more stuff to go out to Cordova, and I tied like crazy. I made 41 bucks off of fly tying!

5. We got back a few days later and we started having boat problems. But when one door closes, another one opens. My friends Isaiah, Noah, and Trinity were there, and they let me take a picture of their catch.

6. The next day we went haulibut fishing and I caught this cod.

7. After using the cod for bait, we soon had the biggest fight I had ever experienced and the biggest halibut I have seen. That be an 82 pounder. The next day we caught a 74 pounder while I was sick with cold.

8 and 9. My 2 fish caught at Alison Point.











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Nice list and good pictures. Good to hear you're making some money with your fly tying.

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