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7'9" 3wt 2pc #3

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Another 7'9" 3wt 2pc all done and out of the shop this morning to its new owner. Been a busy month trying to get caught up but this is the last rod that had to be done before I do an upcoming 3 week fishing trip. Now can focus on tying flies and packing over the next few days.

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I must say ... I love the trend of blue wrapped rods, lately !!!


Well you may have to wait just a bit, but, I'm going to be ordering an 8wt with the same color scheme in the not too distant future. wink.png

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ok. Today was break in day. The Bream were pretty active today. I caught maybe 40-50 +/-. The Bass were really hungry. On my second cast with the second 3 wt, I caught a 3-4 pound Bass. I didn't dare try to tip lift the fish, so, I drug it as far up on the bank as I could. The pond is about 3 feet low right now, so I hopped down to grab the fish for a photo. When I hit the ground, the fish flopped, broke the line and took my popper with it, back into the water. No popper,New tippet, no fish and NO photo.

I did catch maybe 15-20 Bass this morning, nothing the size of the first one, but still fun on a 3 wt


Thanks again Steve. We will be talking about that 8 wt soon!!











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