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Fly Tying
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Glass minnows

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The top 2 are flash and craftfur with glued eyes. The bottom 2 are all flash matl with lead eyes thus will run deeper and ride hook up. Stout hooks and they may be lil fat profile wise.


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The first ones are flash, lil white bucktail, white craft fur tied in reverse then folded back, worked forward. Glue the flash strip when glue the eyes on. Sharpie the green and yellow.

The second ones are totally flash. Tie in lead eyes on back of hook, tie flash for tail, add flash moving forward. Also tie on flashand then fold back, staggering. At the eye made short dub loop with the flash cut short lengths and wrapped behind and in front and back of eyes. Tie in flash strip, trim and sharpie some yellow. Heres the thin flash matl from pompom ball that you pull out.

The third is EP fibers tied staggered to the front with eye and flash strip.


Got a Bud that does a Caseysmartt Glassminnow. Have to Google it. Really simple. He likes to fishem 2 at a time with a sinking tip.





This is a pic not linkable






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