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Fly Tying

Neat idea for painting dumbbell eyes

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anybody try powder coating them?

I powder coat all of mine and have found that the paint holds up fairly well, better than model paint. Been doing this for about 4 years now with fairly good results, but have found like almost all others the paint will eventually chip off over time when bounced against rocks or hard bottom debris. That's okay with me though, for they are easy to do and by the time the paint chips, it's usually time to replace the fly anyway.

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I forgot to mention that I powder coat in quantity using a nice stainless steel Kitchen Aid Toaster Oven that I purchased for $10 at a Thrift bargain store. It was a used one that needed a slight clean up to make it look like new, but it works like new and for the price, it was better than holding jigs and eyes above an open flame. It is great for curing the powder paint as well. I do this work in my garage during warmer times here in Ontario, usually doing large numbers of jigs and dumbbell eyes at a time, thus I can make a mess without having an upset spouse.

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