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Fly Tying

Small Streamer Swap

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This swap is for single hook streamers of any style, smaller than your pinky. Probably my favorite all around things to tie on, micro zonkers, little clousers, thunkercreeks, surf candy, hair wings, the list goes on and on. Get creative, sign up and see how well these things fish on the swing or my favorite, dead drift. No need to claim a specific pattern.
Standard swap rules, international tyers welcome, NEW SWAPPERS ENCOURAGED TO JOIN!
13 spots have been filled, please submit 13 flies



1. vicrider RECEIVED
2. DCGallim
3. mikemac1 RECEIVED
4. professori RECEIVED
5. vicente RECEIVED
6. fishingbobnelson RECEIVED
7. Woodenlegs RECEIVED
8. Bryon Anderson RECEIVED
9. Noahguide RECEIVED
10. dogfacedoc RECEIVED
11. samsonboi RECEIVED
12. Johnw1986 RECEIVED
13. DarrellP RECEIVED

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No need to claim a certain pattern but one of my favorites is calf hair wing Royal Coachman. I'll start a dozen of those soon.

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Ok got you guys

I was thinking length of pinky, basically by small I mean under 3" tip to tail. No minimum size, so if you want to tie super small no problem

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