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Fly Tying

Tim England

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I'm really passionate about deer-hair technics,i started ties flies in 2008.

One day, a friend talk me about Tim England.

Ifound some articles in flytyer, Rod and reel magazines.

unfortunately it's been a long time he wrote article.

I see T.E participate to Rocky Mountain flycasters fly tying expo last year.

Any one have pics about him and his work ?


Here some replica i'm trying to tie, Simple Frog,Banana Bug and Gator-bug

Sorry for my english i'm french.




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Great looking bugs...


Magazines willing to buy articles are fewer and fewer these days. I haven't written an article in a few years now as magazine after magazine has fallen into such hard times that the only stuff in the book - is done by in-house staffers... Wish it wasn't so. I never did many articles, just an occasional one each year or two but I did enjoy doing them. The money I received was hardly worth the hours needed to do the photo work and other small details that make all the difference.... In recent years I've run into several rags that actually have the stones to solicit articles - that they expect to get for free....

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Your English is good enough to understand, vincenzo. A member since 2008 and this is your first post? Please, post some more of the flies you tie! Welcome to the active side of the site !!!


I've never heard of Tim England ... but the pictures of deer hair work you've posted look familiar. I'm going to look through the threads on this site ... I remember flies like those being posted before, perhaps in a discussion about them.

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Many thanks for your kindness 😊.

American tyer's are the best, Jim Stewart, Billy Munn, Chris Helm, Pat Cohen, Dave Whitlock and Tim England.


I'm admirative to Dave Whitlock and Tim England, but Tim.E impressive me enormously his flies are like no others we've seen.

What a pity he's not more actif like in the middle 80's.


Here i'm try to do a Magic Minnow Gobie, Gator-bug, Ty's Tantalizer, watersnakes, Banana Bug, Simple Frog with real eyes, hula popper...


mikeshell, yes i was sent some photos to Flytyer magazines, if sometimes they have news about Tim England... No réponse.





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