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squimpish Hair?

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I was always a bucktail fur and feather type of tyer....yea I loved naturals..built all my flies adoring the taper and flow..then I discovered a synthetic worthy of tying with ..I had tried them all ..(Farrar, slinky, kinky, kankeron, kanekolon, et al) was completely unimpressed with their movement/lack of , their plastic ness etc..


I attached some pics of our products ...we sell hair on a patch (craft fur on steroids) as well as blends of the hair (the hair with flash and other accents..truly unique and I have been tying for a long time


We are nice family business (the kids work , the parents work, the grandparents work ) proud of what we are doing and working hard to give tyers something better to work with then the mass produced plasticky shit that is out there


Feel free to drop us a line, tell us what you want and we will acommodate you..samples, donations for your club raffle whatever


David Nelson











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You're right denduke. Somehow I've looked at or responded to PMs above yours and below yours and missed opening yours. I'll get back to you but I'm not sure if you're serious about the offerings for the swap but you'd have a bunch under the tree after that. It's up to you but those are all acceptable for that kind of flies.

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It's a great product to increase the length of streamers when combined with bucktail due to the natural limitations of good bucktail. It's easy to find if you pay up, but this material allows you to use up that standard-sub par bucktail.

Tying it in reverse against a thread bump allow Gunnar Brammer's Chosen One, then bulleting the head creates a nice tail with slight volume. You can also hollow tie it like bucktail. Really good stuff.

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