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Fly Tying
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Capt Bob LeMay

Everglades report, 1 October

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This one actually is all fly fishing... Here's the site.... https://www.microskiff.com/threads/flamingo-fishing-report-1-october.70944/


This time of year my primary baitfish pattern is the Silhouette - and we've catching fish with it for years and years.... Here's an extra photo and a brief tying description....



This is an all saddle hackle pattern that I first began tying for shops in the early eighties... It has almost universal appeal since the idea is to match the profile (and the size.... ) of whitebait (a generic term down here in Florida for small scaled sardines or pilchards, threadfin herring, menhaden, spanish sardines, etc.) that come in small pods or great schools - many times with more than one specie in the mix - and all getting shredded when they get close enough to locations along any shoreline - or offshore - that has hungry fish taking advantage....


Thread: Danville's flat waxed nylon, color of choice - usually fl. green for an all white Silhouette...


Hook: Stout, very sharp 1/0 (or larger to suit the size of the bait) originally Tiemco 800s (discontinued), then

Owner Aki, Mustad 7766, Tiemco 600sp (and others...)


Eyes: Ex-small presentation lead eyes from Wapsi fly with painted eyes (done before the eyes are tied in

place one eye width behind the hook eye...


Wing: Six wide, webby saddle hackles (generally from strung saddles) bleached white, Three on a side with

the curve of the feathers set inward (three on a side), very similar to the way tails are tied on a Lefty's


Flash: Pearl flashabou or Flashabou accent - 8 to 12 strands on each side of the tail


Body: Three wide webby white saddle hackles (the same feather used for the tail - with as much of the "fluff"

left on the butt ends as possible. All three mated together with the curve inwards - tied in by the butt

ends - then palmered forward as a unit all the way to the hook eye.. Finished with a whip finish - then

touched with a bit of super glue on the thread only...


Weedguard - optional for many - they're a necessity where we fish along wild mangrove jungle shorelines.. but that will be a topic for another day....

Note: We tie and use this pattern as small as 3" overall and as large as 7" plus - all depending on the size of the bait that's present at the moment ... The bigger versions are on 3/0 or as large as 5/0 hooks.... the smallest on size #1...

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Always... matter of fact when I'm tying -it's usually in "production style" with the various steps broken down to max out on speed and accuracy. I'll take 10 or 20 hooks or however many of the pattern I'm doing - then pull the hooks and the eyes and quickly secure them with tying thread and a quick whip fnish until I have however many I need - all with eyes in place, ready for tails and flash, then do up bodies separately...


Hope this helps. Years and years ago I learned to do a bunch of one pattern then line all of them so that I could compare them after they were completed... The best of the bunch was set aside and added to my "masters" box... From then on, whenever I had an order for that pattern out would come the master and it was the reference pattern I'd tie from... Saves time, makes you more consistent - and if someone needs to repeat an order they made five years before - at least you know what the exact colors were and the necessary dimensions... Very handy.

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