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Swamp Fly pretty much described the conditions we're fishing in -miles and miles of wild mangrove jungle shorelines with creeks, rivers, shallow bays, oyster bars, etc. - and every bit of it unforgiving (and I won't even mention the bugs...). Every bit of wood under the water (roots, downed trees, and everything in-between...) has oyster, barnacles, and other shell type stuff growing on it - and all of it razor sharp... Most dis-heartening to see that a big fish, hooked solid (mostly tarpon and sharks...) has run you around a submerged tree that wasn't visible at all.... You know you're in trouble when the backing is just screaming off the reel - but the line is going right to a fixed point that's only 100 feet away. Just to add to the fun... are mangrove shorelines in most rivers and creeks where all of the trees not only hang out over the water - but the roots stick out maybe ten feet or more as well. Hook up a big fish that screams downstream running under every tree for a hundred yards and you're in big trouble - before you can even start your motor and try to get to the opposite bank so that you can work your line out from under all the hazards...


All of the above is just our daily routine down in the salt or brackish portions of the Everglades... it's definitely my favorite place in this world...



Back to spare spools for reels... something I forgot to mention.... Some reels are very easy to change spools with -others not at all (and trying to change out the spool on a difficult reel while on a small skiff is something you won't try twice... Nautilus reels for instance are very easy to change spools on - a Billy Pate reel (or an Abel or Seamaster or an old Fin Nor..) not so much at all. There are also other considerations - the Billy Pate for instance is discontinued and losing a tiny part might be a disaster... Need a part for a Nautilus reel - all that's needed is a phone call (or in my case a 20 to 30 minute drive since they're close by...


As already noted, many freshwater fly reels are relatively inexpensive and lightweight so a second complete reel is an easy choice.... instead of a spare spool... Fly reels for the salt are much more expensive (some start at ten times the cost of a freshwater reel and more....) so a spare spool costing around $100 is a great alternative...

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Just thought I would add: If you install your line and backing by first putting the line on the reel and then adding the "right amount" of backing on top of that (and then subsequently reversing the direction of both), the 2nd part of the process goes at least 4 times faster, and is more pleasant, if you have a 2nd reel of the same type as the first. In a nutshell, you need two reels with 2 empty spools for this, but one might get by with 1 reel, 2 spools and a friend. I have done it a couple of times with and without a second reel, and the second reel makes the process "quick and painless".



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