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Fly Tying
Mike West

Blast from the past..

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My brother just moved to Montana and while packing up he came across this magazine and wondered why he had it.


He dug through it and found this. I was pretty proud of it at the time. There was either 200 entries or 2000 I dont remember.

They spelled my name wrong.



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Thx guys


You need to do a SBS here, That looks like bass food to me.

Its pretty much just like spinning deer hair but you dont spin it.

I cover the hook shank with a thread base and some flex cement so it doesnt slip.

Take a pinch of wool and spilt it evenly over the hook shank and pull tight.

Stack it for different effects.

Then trim it like a deer hair bug.

Heres a pic.


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As noted - you don't "spin" wool - and Mike lays it out clearly. I really like woolheaded mullet flies for use in winter down here in the 'glades since they sink at just the right rate... Here's a pic of one we've had some success with....


the only portion of the head that's wool is the brown (everything in front of the lead eyes.... and yes, for my area I think wire weedguards are a must....

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That's very cool Mike! I seem to recall seeing that fly & that ad. I had started a tying & tackle business the year before & was buying some supplies from Wapsi at the time. I may have even had an ad in that edition of Fly Rod & Reel. I advertised with them for awhile, but don't recall exactly the time frame. smile.png

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