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Fly Tying
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Which do you prefer?

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"The Muskizer"

Hook: Size 1/0

Thread: Red

Tail: Peacock Herl

Body: White or Cream Bucktail

Wing(s): Lime Green Saddle Hackle and Muskox Fur

Head: Muskox fur

Which background do you prefer?


1. post-64672-0-15565200-1573266797_thumb.jpg

2. post-64672-0-87065200-1573266855_thumb.jpg

3. post-64672-0-65454200-1573266913_thumb.jpg



James (TIER) Fox

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As far as background goes, I'd have to say the last one ... tan, plain one color. Find something other than military campaign ribbons to stick the fly in.


You still need to find some way to get better clarity in your photos. Either a new camera, more lighting or figure out how to get better with your phone's camera. THEN work on backgrounds.

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Plain background always displays the fly better, a color other than tan might show more detail. Look up complimentary colors.It was recently suggested on another thread to tilt the back drop with the top nearer the camera to avoid reflected light.

Find your phones focal distance and take the pictures from that distance to get clear pics then use the editor to zoom in, crop and resize to what you post. Or as suggested in one of your other threads go to the auction and buy a camera for <$20 that has macro capability. This might help with the phone, I don't know because I'm tech challenged, http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=86545

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