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Fly Tying
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My own pattern:

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This pattern is one I developed about 2 years ago. So far, I have 8 different species (Crappie, Sunfish, Gar, Largemouth Bass, PIckerel, American and Hickory Shad, and Blueback Herring) on it just in freshwater here in FL. I also have caught 10 other saltwater species on this same pattern tied on stainless hooks.


I use 4 to 8XL hooks in sizes from 10 to 2/0 for most of these, The body is built up from yarn, or nylon cord, and Sulky Holowshimmer finished off the pattern. Weight can be added to the shank if needed. I use nail polish to paint on eyes, and then coat the whole thing with either UV or RainDancer Rod 1 part rod finish.


The pearl and silver have been the most successful, but there lots of other colors to try as well.


For those who are not familiar with Sulk Holoshimmer, it is a fine mylar tinsel much like Flashabou. It comes on 250 yard spools, and is sold by some big box craft stores. I get all mine at Joann Fabrics, and always use a coupon for a 40 to 50% discount.



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