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Fly Tying

Catch clean and cook a hare!

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Put your knife back in your pocket heres how I do it


You do squirrels the same way.


Id like to add Im not sure why youre posting trapping and hunting videos on a fly tying & fly fishing site but its fine with me .

Its good to see kids your age learning whats becoming a lost art, my family ate mostly meat that my brother and I brought home .

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It's in "The Lodge", Mike. It's a perfect place to post such things.


I "flipped" through it, without the volume on since I'm sitting in the living room with Wife. 26 minutes of video is way too long. There's, maybe, 10 to 15 minutes of necessary content. Sorry, I'm going to be a little ... rough. This is only my opinion, based on what I WOULD watch, and that would interest me to watch other content from the same maker.


All the "walk through the house" time is wasted. (There's NO WAY I'd post pictures of that messy room at 2:26!)

You spend 2 minutes waving your hands explaining where the rabbits go (I think) ... when you already have some video of the actual area you could do voice over on.

12 minutes showing the stripping of the pelt could be edited down to a couple of minutes.

Several more minutes of prep/cooking time that could be edited to a much shorter time.


Not bad ... but MOST people on YouTube don't watch videos longer than 10 minutes or so.

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I think this one is your best to date.


There's room to improve for sure, but we all can.


I post long, boring videos too but here's the thing, if someone wants to skip over the less exciting parts they can by using the slidey thing. On the other hand, if someone did have a half hour to burn and you had cut out all the stuff, that person would be out of luck. They'd probably have to go back to doing something really boring, like they work they were supposed to be doing.


I'm with Mike, you could trim it some but I too like to leave some of the "B" roll in.

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