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WF?F Fly Lines

Which WFF line do you like best.  

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S.A. makes the lines for many companies. They make the Orvis lines but Orvis, despite the continued inference that S.A. 'makes' their lines, puts a proprietory finish on those lines in a new Orvis facility.

That said, I own one Wonderline and never use it. I was nearly 100% Scientific Anglers until I started trying the Rio lines again. Wow! What a difference! I swear they are slicker than the S.A. lines with AST... by a long shot! My first Rio line was a Rio Grand. It seemed way heavier than the equivalant S.A. GPX and overloaded an otherwise 'fast' rod. When I switched to the Rio Selective Trout my jaw dropped! It seemed to add 10-15' to my cast and works EXTREMELY well at all ranges. The other big thing about it is the tip floats! That has been my main problem with Wonderline and S.A. lines.

Rio is worth a look... really!

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