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Fly Tying

Foam for Gurglers

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This is something I've done. It might not be required for 1mm foam, but it does make better, round folds.


If you want to bend two glued layers of foam, so that they make a small radius, glue them that way. If you glue them together straight, then fold them over, the outside piece will have to stretch, or the inside piece will have to conform. Usually, the inside piece will buckle because there's too much material for the radius.


Apply the adhesive, start gluing the pieces together at one end. Fold the inner piece over to get the INNER radius set. Then fold the outer layer over, making sure to follow the inner piece and be touching all the way. When you're done, the two pieces will be glued together with the radii correct throughout the two pieces.

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I use 2mm, closed cell foam for Gartside's Gurgler in various colors.  The best colors I've found for smallmouth bass in Virginia is Carolina blue foam and a tan underbody.  

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