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Fly Tying

February Flies From the Vise

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Philly, you made them from foam not the kit? Interesting, I believe I might try that.

The guy who taught the class had pre-cut bodies, just the foam. I picked a couple up to use as templates for the ones I wanted make. I tweaked them a bit. The head of the popper on the bodies I picked up were longer, the mouth and the gill slits narrower and the top of the head had a point rather than just a round mouth. Didn't use that much UV resin, no more than I would use on a normal popper. Just one coat on the body, and one coat on the inside to hold the head and gill shape. He also had articulated diver, but I haven't had much luck replicating that and an interesting frog pattern. I'm probably going to have to take the sample, he was giving them away, to see how he made it.


flytire, that's the first time I've seen those. They look a bit more complicated than mine. I know there's a crease fly pattern out there with gill slits, maybe that's where he got the idea, and tweaked it into a different pattern. Next is to downsize them. The bodies on those 3-31/2 inches long. Overall popper is 4 to 4 1/2 inches. I want to do some with a 2-2 1/2 inch body and 1-1 1/2 inch body. Should be fun.

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Loving your Game Changers lately.

Im gonna have to tie some of those up.

Thanks Guy!

Been having fun with this platform. Can't wait till Spring.



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A while back (November/December) I bought a digital microscope off E-bay. I figured, since most camera gadgets I've had in the past, if this one is HALF a microscope, it should take good pictures of flies. Maybe, I thought, I can get good picture of my flies with my computer. No need for a camera.

Here's the fly I tied.



Needless to say, but I will ... the microscope is actually a pretty good microscope! I couldn't get a good picture of the fly ... but here's the hook point !!!


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DHH Carnage Skwala








Swapped out the standard scud hook for a Czech nymph iron (a bit more gap).


hook – WFC Model 28 #10

thread - UTC 140 black

core - 8lb mono

tail - deer hair black

body/head - 1mm foam brown

indicator - 1mm foam orange

legs - medium rubber brown

hackle - deer hair brown (loop dubbed)





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Bill's Badger


Hairwing Atlantic Salmon Fly


Ribbing - 5 turns of flat silver tinsel
Body - Black uni stretch
Throat - Dyed blue hackle fibers
Wing - Black and white tipped badger hairs

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I know I've said it before, flytire, but I just felt it needed to be iterated. I'm not a fan of the type of flies you tie. That old fashioned stuff is just not my "thing".


But your skill is evident in every single picture you post. Excellence personified.

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