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Emerger Round Of The Well-Stocked Fly Box

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I tried to change up the title somewhat to avoid confusion. This is Round TWO of the Well-Stocked Fly Box Swaps. This swap is open to ANYONE up to 12 swappers. Swappers who participated in Round 1 whose flies have arrived here are welcome to sign up now. If your flies arent here yet, you have to wait until they are. Even though you indicated in Round 1, I need you to confirm that you want in on this one. If you didnt participate in Round 1, you are welcome to sign up for this one now.


The final due date for this round is March 10. Sign up for Round 3 will open on March 5 and I must have your flies in hand in order for you to sign up for Round 3.


The flies for this round is an Emerger pattern, your choice. A well-stocked fly box will need some emergers. All of the normal rules apply. Be sure not to forget the toe tags. Also a return envelope with proper postage is required. Thanks for joining us.


The deadline for sign up is Feb 10. On Feb 10 we will close the swap with what ever number of swappers we have on that day. My goal in these swaps is to keep things moving. Sign up only if your are serious about getting things done. If you sign up and dont get the flies to me by March 10 and dont have a VERY good excuse, we are going to close the swap and move on without you so be warned. So, if you are interested, sign up, tie them up and get them in.


Swapmeister - Hendrickson Emerger


1. Vicrider - IOBO - Received


2. R2732 - Snowshoe Hare Emerger - Received


3. Johnw1986


4. Nikever - Sparkle Emerger - Received


5. Samsonboi -


6. Woodenlegs - Top Secret Emerger - Received


7. Stabgnid - TBD - Received


8. Pickin6ofem - Caddis Emerger - Received


9. r dorlac - Received


10. Fishingbobnelson - Received



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Snowshoe Hare Emerger, originated by Bob Wyatt

hook: Mustad C49S

thread: brown

rib: tag end of the tying thread.

abdomen: Hare's Ear Plus, color to match natural

wing: fur from a snowshoe hare's foot

thorax: fur from a hare's mask

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I'm in this round with LaFontaine's Sparkle Emerger

When I get that tied right that is one of my favorite flies. If I do those for a swap I have to do about double the number to get those I'd send in.


As for the IOBO, the recipe is very simple. Just wind good quality CDC on a good quality hook just right and it's one of those one feather but tricky ties to get right.


Edit...IOBO...It Oughta be Outlawed...It's that effective in the right hands in the right place.

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I'm looking forward to seeing it Vic. Where do you find your "good qualilty CDC?" I had never heard of it and had to look it up. I watched a YouTube video and, as you say, it looks simple enough, but I don't think I have any CDC that looks nearly as good as what I saw on the video.



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BB, it's like so many products. Kind of hit and miss unless you're willing to over pay. The Marc Pettijean is by far the best but most expensive. CDC falls into a couple of categories and unless I order the Pettijean which is hand sorted I just hope for it being usable. I've had fair luck with Trout Hunter but at the same bought a bag of their dyed puffs and was really disappointed in them. Stuck together and virtually no fluff to them. The flies I sent for the the swap were done with Trout Hunter and using a Pettijean clip and spinner to wrap the CDC collar on them. I have READ that CDC used on nymphs will definitely increase catch in clearer water because of the unique lifelike flutter it has.



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