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Fly Tying
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What's your PB?

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I really dont have a personal best ( but do have a few memories).


The biggest fish hooked and fought to my skiff... was right around fourteen feet long- a pretty good sized sawfish from a 17 skiff. They do get bigger, Ive seen them well over twenty feet long. That day we brought four of them to the skiff between twelve and fourteen feet long. That was long before they were declared an endangered specie and I quit fishing for them.

And no, we werent fly fishing...


Dont be fooled by the length Ive listed... on a fourteen foot fish - almost four feet is the nose (correct name is the rostrum). Although the saws have disappeared worldwide (main cause -inshore netting), theres still a very healthy population of them in the backcountry and coastal areas of the Everglades...


Our best day, fishing big tarpon in small rivers...

The day my two anglers had 16 or 17 bites on the fly from fish that were 80 to over 100lbs. The best part was that we were in a river less than 100 feet wide and every fish bite was at the exact same spot where I had the skiff staked out at a fork in the river.. I cant remember how many were hooked and only a few were caught and released- but that day will be with me a long time.

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Most of mine were caught when I was much younger and spent a lot more time fishing. These are all I can remember.


Bluegill 13" on fly, 12" on other tackle

Crappie 18" on fly or other

LM Bass 21" on fly or other

SM Bass 19" on fly or other

Pickerel, 18" on fly, 24" other tackle.

Striped Bass 30" on fly, 42" on other tackle.

Carp, 28" on fly, 32" otherwise.


White Perch, 13" on fly, 14" other tackle

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