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Hello again

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Hi again from a long time member of the forum... sort of fell out of posting over the last few years. Life happens, as they say. Very soon a lifelong friend is going on a vacation/fishing trip to a small island off a central american country and will have bonefish, permit, and small tarpon outside the front door of his rented hooch. So I tied up a box full of Crazy Charlies and other likely things, which got me thinking that these would make great smallmouth flies as well. I have an affinity for correctly tied Clouser Deep Minnows so it was not much of a jump to adapt that style to my idea. Tying up a few of these in hopes of getting after some fish in a month or so.


Thanks Mike Chell for reaching out-


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Its great to see you back!

Youre contributions to this site in years past, taught me quite a bit about this great craft.


Trip sounds amazing!

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Hey Joel! Great to know you're still active! I also had not been around here much and have just recently been checking in. As you've said, life happens.


I've always thought that you & I think somewhat alike when it came to flies. That one should produce some SM's!


I've retired too, and am again selling flies & lures. So, have been tying a variety of both. I've been using a lot of Squirrel tail hair, and other materials such as coyote tail hair & of course fox.


Some of the flies I've sent off to various customers, they haven't ever seen these materials used before.


Great to see you back and hopefully you'll be posting more often! smile.png


Check these out! They should also work well on SM's! Shrimp patterns for Redfish!





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