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A relative gave us a Christmas ornament based upon the year we were married, which I find sentimental. I'm sure you are only a click away from ideas of that nature which will inspire your carving or your purchasing. The one we have is actually a little too big and heavy for our (full size) artificial tree. Draw 2020 on a block of bass wood (preferably, as its easy to carve), add ornamentation to suit your taste, and you are on your way. Finish suitably and add a small eyelet on top.

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Toaster, every new couple needs twelve electric toasters. To go with the six gravy boats.


The framing sounds nice as a diy route and if you can find out the size of the marriage license certificate you could make a matching frame for it and present the two together.


As mentioned, cash will do more good for them than gifts they won't use, and the fact you ask means that what ever you bought would likely fall into that no use category.

Standard gifts here used to include a rolling pin (for rolling pie crusts or disciplining hubby) and cast iron skillet, because every thing from bacon to biscuits can be cooked in a skillet.



Oh and the toaster is a good thing to have in case of a stock market crash- toaster+bathtub= no more worrying about your 401(k) or fast-approaching senility.

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