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Early Emerger SBS

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This fly is a good general emerger or subsurface (drowned adult) pattern for several species, including early brown stones, brown mayflies, and caddisflies. Modify the wing for the species you are trying to match. Tie it in a range of sizes.




  • Antron
  • 8/0 or 6/0 thread, for larger patterns you can use 3/0
  • Deer or soft elk hair
  • Spiky dubbing

First, start your thread, making sure to cover the shank up.




Tie on an antron shuck and follow it up with a nice 4-5 inch strand of antron. Put hackle pliers on the strand and twist it up nice and tight.





Wind the strand up the shank to create a nicely segmented body. Tie it off and clip it close.




Tie on a sparse deer hair wing. Leave the butts on for now, but dub over the tie-in point with spiky dubbing




Here you have a choice. Either make a spun and clipped head, incorporating the wing butts and adding material, clipped long on top and close on the bottom, or make a hump head using the wing butts. You can clip the spun head close to fish it subsurface and you can clip the wing flush with the head with clippers on the stream.







Thanks for reading and tight lines.




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Nice fly. I’d have to add a foam indicator after folding the deer hair head back, since my eyes aren’t what they used to be, but this is a very useful pattern. Thanks for posting.




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