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Hey i live in California and I am new to fly tying. I mainly fish for bass in small and relatively shallow ponds. I want to tie typical bass flies but don't know what materials i need. Hope someone can help, thank you

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Check the Fly Tier's Dungeon. He has kits of materials for specifically tying warmwater bass flies. His products are cheap and very good quality. Plus, you'll be amazed what you get in your first order. He has several you can buy and he also sells individual products.



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FTD is an excellent resource. However, what do you mean by typical? I fish for bass, and Striped Bass and use a lot of different types of flies for both, and many of those flies are used for both. 

It's usually best as a new tyer, to choose a few specific patterns or styles, and then obtain the materials and hooks for only those flies. That's because there's a lot of materials available that could be used, and doubtful many of us have the funds to afford them all. Plus, there always seems to be something new that comes along.

I also like to use flies that are not typically used for bass. These are flies that are tied for other fish species that I adapt to target bass with them. Flies like Mother Of All Leeches (MOAL), and Intruders, both being flies that are normally used for Salmon or Steelhead. I use some offshore poppers for bass & the Stripers. These are big poppers, usually tied on tubes and in the 6" to 8" total length range.  So, with all of what could be used for bass, the materials list would be very long. 

For most bass fishing, look for flies that will imitate the forage in the places that you fish. I live near a very large lake, and there's plenty of shad in the lake, but they may not be in a pond. However, that doesn't mean a shad colored fly pattern won't work there, as it may also look like another small fish that might be present. I've never found that bass or Striped bass required exact patterns, so most of what I tie are generic. 

Again, you're better off obtaining materials based on the fly patterns you choose. Even then you'll likely build up an excess supply of materials, that can be used for other patterns, then you can try patterns based on what you have on hand.

I've been fly fishing a very long time, and still use a lot of old styles of flies. I do this because they produce. This is styles like the Clouser Minnow, Lefty Kreh's Deceivers, the Clouser/Kreh Half & Half, Seaducer, Gurglers, Poppers, and I like various flies tied with rabbit strips that may not be known patterns, but there are many of them. These are "styles", that can be tied in many patterns to fit the waters you're fishing. There are many other good bass flies.

Here's some examples of some flies I use.
























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Most of my Bass flies contain one, all , or a combination ,of the following Items (excluding hooks)

Deer hair

Crystal Flash or other shiny materials

Rubber/Silicone legs

Foam Popper heads or craft foam

Long hackles


Heavy mono for weed guards

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