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Some Crazy Fishing

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Although we were at least a mile inland from the beach, our location on the small Moyle River was still within the high tide line, thus this would qualify for a saltwater post. We were 2.5 weeks into our Australia trip which we ultimately had to cut short at 3 weeks to hightail it back to Montana. You can find the Moyle River on a map of the Northern Territory of Australia, some 90 miles SW of Darwin on the Timor Sea. It was the tail end of the Wet season but the flood plains were still draining freshwater full of bait, crustacean and aquatic insects into the river. Not much wider than 10 feet, the Moyle was flowing high and fast with tannic colored water. I had my 8 weight Meridian with me loaded with a 300 grain sink tip. The flies—Pink Things and Green Things on 5/0 beast hooks. After checking the area for crocodiles, we landed and were only on the ground at the Moyle midday for an hour, but the 90 degree heat and 90%+ humidity was very taxing. The crazy fishing—just about every eddy in the short 100 yard stretch of river held a large barramundi and a few large Australian catfish. It was non stop. No need to make any long casts, just get the fly in an eddy and you were connected with a Barra bent on returning downstream. It was a challenge to stay upright chasing the Barra downstream in the swampy floodplain. Even lost a few despite the 40lbs tippet.

A few pics and the flies that connected.

Floodplain Barra.jpg

Moyle River Aerial Markup.jpg

Flood Plain Drain.jpg

DAR80307 (2).JPG




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