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I have ordered supplies for both fly tying.  I used up my third Partridge Skin, and got another along with 300 hooks.  Then I ordered more watercolor paint, and plan on getting more.  Currently have 4000 trout flies, and well over 1000 Saltwater patterns stashed away.  I have spent the last few months trying to recover my painting stroke.  By the time we can access the beaches, I will have to recover my casting stroke.  


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Only on the water to explore a bit (down in the Ten Thousand Islands area where there are still a few boat ramps open.... This was just before dawn last Thursday...


A few minutes before I was tossing popping bugs


at small tarpon (3 to 7lbs), jumped one or two that were balled up in a tiny docklight but it all ended as dawn approached...   I didn't do much fishing at all that day, simply running to a variety of spots and mostly looking from all the way out along the Gulf edge to back up inside again - just in case there's a re-opening (sooner rather than later...).  Mostly though I'm staying home and either working on my skiff or filling the occasional lure order... This was a 200 piece order - and after baking to harden the powder coating it was ready to package and ship... 


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