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Parachute Round Of The Well-Stocked Fly Box

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Well, guys, since I have already received a set of parachutes from Vicrider, and since he IS our Administrator, or Sheriff or whatever he is, I guess the next round will be Parachutes. 🙂. The due date will be May 5 with an absolute cut off date of May 10. All the other rules that we have followed in previous swaps still apply. Let’s tie some Parachutes!


Swapmeister - Mr Rapidan Parachute - completed

1.  Vicrider - Received

2.  Woodenlegs - Hopper - Received

3. Bryon Anderson - Robert’s Yellow Drake - Received

4. Johnw1986 - Purple Haze - Received

5. R2732 - BWO Received

6. Mcgx2 - Krystal Cricket - Received

7. Samsonboi - 

8.  Pickin6ofem - Received

9. Mark Knapp - PMD - Received

10. Netabrookie - Received

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Thanks for signing me up

Parachute Hoppers will be mailed Monday 

USPS. 9500110870760097349790


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Hey now...you said parachutes in a thread a while back. You could have thrown me a curve and made it buggers or streamers and I'd just had you use the paras as a bonus fly. I really like doing parachutes anyway and wouldn't have minded that at all. Looking forward to a couple of completed swaps coming my way.

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Purple Haze has replaced the para Adams as the goto dry on many waters. Maybe the darker body just sends a different signal or is more easily seen but it's becoming very popular by all the reading I do.

Just speaking of purple, it was a goto color for me in years of bass fishing. A purple worm. On cloudy days a brass single spin spinnerbait with purple skirt. Purple Rattletraps. Purple skirts on jig and pigs. Generally it was a strong color for me, particularly on cloudy days even though you'd think bright colors on cloudy days but that wasn't the fish usually told us.

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Just adding a tidbit or two.

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You can count me in if you will. Fly TBD, I'll post what it is soon.


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