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Fly Tying
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Are you an artist?

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I can make a pen and ink drawing that people have told me are good ... but nothing like that.

That was impressive.

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I was in a former life.  I haven't picked up a brush or an air brush for over a decade now . I painted quite a few pictures of old train depots and plenty of grist mills and other buildings also.  I had a sign business for a bunch of years and had to do a lot of art work on the signs and I also lettered a lot of race cars and painted a lot of graphics on them. I got tired of painting skulls. One Harley had 28 just on the tank but I did like the little bad ass skeleton with the sub machine gun that I painted on the front fender. The fellow in the video is very good and I don't think my landscapes had hit that good on an average but sometimes I would slip a home run in.  Its easier to just cut loose and paint a picture, sometimes, than having to paint what a client wants because you have to try to get in their head and hopefully satisfy them with an awesome piece of work. On the other hand.....I have sit and looked at a blank canvas for hours just wishing someone would tell me what to paint on it...  I can really relate with Norm too because I have a T-square that I used when I was doing my brief career as a draftsman. Still have my triangles and some old lead holders too, and an eraser shield that is so worn.   

  Sorry, didn't mean to ramble.  New wife's a nurse doing a double tonight and the liquor made me start pushing buttons......

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17 hours ago, DarrellP said:

Yes, I paint.

I think that if you are a fly tier, you are an artist. You are certainly an artist Norm. But, I know you are talking about an artist in another sense.

I'd love to see some of you guy's paintings.

I began painting before I started knife making, but I found it difficult to make a living as a flat artist, (we have a lot of them around here and not a whole lot of art buyers). It's much easier for me to sell a knife than a painting.

Here are some of mine.







I'd love to see some of you guys stuff.

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