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Fly Tying

May Flies From the Vise

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On 5/22/2020 at 3:20 PM, JDM1 said:

Hi Everyone,

I've been lurking around the forum for a couple months now, so I figured it was time to post something. I love seeing all the really talented tiers and designers work on here along with all the other great information. I've tied off and on for a few years, but have really hit it hard the last 3-4 months and am improving with both my tying and design skills.(my tying still leaves a lot to be desired!)

These are some of my favorites I've tied this month. 














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2 hours ago, Julius Riffle said:


Picket Pin

Tail: Brown cock hackle

Body: Peacock herl

Hackle: Brown cock

Wing: Grey squirrel

Head: Peacock Herl

Nice fly!


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I've been doing a lot of tying, just haven't gotten around to taking pictures.  Here's a couple I did recently.   Can't figure out how to insert a picture between the lines.  

A small shad/bunker pattern

Hook:  Gamkatsu SC 15 size 8

Body:  Olive over White Senyo Lazer Dub

Eyes:  Living Eyes

Head: UV Resin


This was the first popper I learned to tie 25 or so years ago.  The guy who showed it to me called it a "Fun Foam Popper"

Hook:  Straight eye dry fly hook, size 6 or 8

Body: Wrapped dry fly hackle

Tail:  Marabou

Head:  Craft foam circle




P5110560 (2).JPG

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Lunn's Particular

Hook, o (size 15).
Tying silk, Pearsall’s gossamer, shade 13 – crimson.
Wings, two medium blue cock hackle-points put on flat.
Tail, four fibres of Rhode Island from large hackle.
Body, undyed hackle-stalk of Rhode Island cock hackle.
Hackle, medium Rhode Island cock hackle.

Reference - https://lunnsparticular.com/product/lunns-particular/

Updated Recipe

Hook - Dry fly style
Thread - Red/crimson
Wings - Two medium blue cock hackle-points put on flat
Tail - Brown hackle fibers
Body - Stripped brown saddle hackle stem
Hackle - Brown hackle

Rhode Island Red Hackle = Brown Hackle

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"March Brown" Salmon Fly - Round two
Second attempt at this pattern. I completely misjudged the body color produced by silver monkey and "rusty orange" seal fur dubbing. Fortunately, Mark had an example of the real thing.  Thanks for the help!   🙂   I still don't have any either of these materials, but it is shedding season and the color looks pretty close...
I still need to work on my feather wing technique, but I'm much happier with this one than the first attempt.
Per Kelson's recipe:
Tag: Gold oval tinsel
Tail: GP topping
Body: Weimaraner (Yep, Chuck stood still too long... 🙂)
Rib: Gold oval tinsel
Throat: Partridge hackle
Wings: Mottled Turkey



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