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Friday night at the lake

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I was able to get some shore fishing in down at the lake this evening for an hour or so. The spring weather here in New England has been cool and wet, with on and off showers the last two days. The sunfish were hungry though, and it's always a treat to catch a crappie on the fly from the shore. All caught on a size 10 olive sparrow, the picture of the fly wet doesn't do it justice, it has some great action in the water from the marabou.













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Thanks all, it's great having a small lake right down the street when time is short. Those gills are always willing when the weather gets warmer. 

On 5/2/2020 at 9:15 PM, petelangevin said:

Nice fish,  and wet and cold describes our spring perfectly.  

Yeah, Pete. It's been pretty nasty, and now that we've gotten decent weather the last few days, I've been doing nothing but catch up on yard work. So all I have is a few minutes in the evening to throw some bugs in the lake right down the street. Hopefully I'll  be able to hit the rivers soon for some trout fishing


15 hours ago, Jacks Grampa said:

Nice bug and pretty fish. Crappie is the one freshwater fish I sometimes keep.

I know they are real good eating, Gramps, but I seldom keep anything I catch, maybe 2 or 3 a year, usually trout.  When I fish with my  brother-in-law, whos from the Pennsylvania woods, he nearly has a coronary when I throw a crappie back, LOL. 

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