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The Mad Duck

Getting Better Every Day

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I went back to my covid isolation ponds today. I did some walking before I started fishing. I looked at all of the bream nests I had found last week and the fish were still spawning, so I left them alone. I went back to the truck and rigged up a 3wt and a 4 wt rod. I started working a bank with a brown hopper pattern and a copper colored, Bead head dropper. A very simple fly. I worked for a bit before I caught a fish. I laid a cast into a little spot of sunshine near a stick. I saw the fish coming. A Bass, maybe a half a pound came up and tried to knock my hopper into next week. I came tight and that little guy got airborne several times before coming to the edge where I could grab him. Afterwards, I caught 4-5 small Bream, maybe 4 inches, tiny little fellas. I worked my way around the shady bank, casting my flies into little spots of sunshine. I saw the hopper take a ride backwards and hooked a small Bass on the Copper Dropper.

I switched ponds and put a Japanese Beetle pattern on the 4 wt. On my 3rd cast with the beetle, a nice Bass came up and gently slurped up the Beetle and away we went. A couple of minutes later, my best Bass for the day came to hand. A pound or pound and a half maybe.

I was still batting a low percentage on Bream, which was my intended target. I continued down the bank catching an occasional small Bass and or Bream.

I finally turned around and headed back to the truck. I had fished the pond where I parked, but had skipped one little corner to go check the beds at the other lake. I decided to hit that corner before I left, and,...BOY was I glad I did. I caught 5-6 consecutive fish from the edge of the nest in that corner. Either the fish were just moving onto ot off of the beds there, but they were hungry.

These were the nicest Bream of the day. There were 3 fish over 8 inches and a couple right at 8.

This was a HUGE improvement over the same place last week. I'm really glad I found some fish transitioning off/on the beds. Hopefully the 3 large nests I have found will have some hungry fish moving off of them in a day or so. 

82 degrees, Mostly sunny, SW wind 10-15 (weather weenies said light and variable...pfffft)

IMG_3596 1.jpg

IMG_3603 1.jpg

IMG_3604 1.jpg

IMG_3612 1.jpg

IMG_3617 1.jpg

IMG_3618 1.jpg

IMG_3611. 1jpg

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1 hour ago, The Mad Duck said:

The South does have its advantages, but you guys don't get Hurricanes

Brim, being  one advantage, and a big one or several bigs.... Thanks for posts, they are nice.!

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