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Fly Tying
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The Mad Duck

A Great Day

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My plans changed a bit today. I was going to take a kayak to the pond today, but the folks that run the kennel were puppy training today and thought that a kayak out in the middle of the retrieve zone might be a distraction to a young dog, so, I went at it on foot again today. I went and checked the Bream nests and the fish were still on them,so I left them alone again.

I decided to start where I ended up yesterday afternoon. My first cast yielded a very nice Bream, 9.5 inches. I remembered to take my tape measure today. The bank on that end of the pond is about 75 yards, and, in that 75 yards, I managed 18 Bream. The smallest was 7.25 and largest was just a shade under 10. Most of them came of a nest in one corner, the same corner that I caught the biggest Bream on yesterday. I eased around the corner where the treeline starts and started casting parallel to the bank. I caught two small bass in short order. All of the fish in the first pond were caught on a small brown hopper and/or an olive soft hackle dropper.

At that point, I moved to the larger pond. I skipped over the end where the spawning fish were and started farther down the bank. I put on a large yellow and brown hopper pattern with a sparkly green dropper on one rod and a Japanese Beetle pattern on the other. This pond has shallow water near the bank, then a channel about 40 feet wide, then wide shallow flats beyond the channel. The Bass have bedded up on the edge of the channel on the flats side. I started casting the Hopper at the beds. I caught a couple of smaller Bass on the dropper and a couple of smaller Bream as well. I tossed the Hopper at a bed that had a stump right on the edge of the channel. I watched as a nice Bass jetted out from under the stump and crushed the hopper. We went back and forth for a couple of minutes and cussing ensued when the Bass dove into the grass, but, I did manage to horse him out of the grass....with a 3 wt. A couple of casts later, basically the same scenario a little down the bank. This time on my 4 wt,on the Beetle pattern. I kept changing bugs and caught another decent Bass on a B&W floating spider.

I saw 2 different hatches today, one was a Bass hatch. If you look closely to the photo, you can see Mama bass under the frye.  I would estimate her at 3 lbs. She was running every Bream out of the area. I expect the bream beds in the large pond will be hatching out soon and the Bream there will be hungry.

Totals were..26 Bream and 10 Bass

IMG_3621 1.jpg

IMG_3622 1.jpg

IMG_3624 1.jpg

IMG_3628 1.jpg

IMG_3630 1.jpg

IMG_3631 1.jpg

IMG_3638 1.jpg

IMG_3642 1.jpg

IMG_3643 1.jpg

IMG_3648. 1jpg

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I am envious.  Fantastic Bream.  Best fighting fish for their size.  Sugar Ray Leonard of the fish world.

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I would put a Bream against a Bass of equal size any day. Can you imagine the pull of a 10 pound Bream? It would pull a Bass backwards

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