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Jacks Grampa

Background behind vise

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On 6/2/2020 at 11:42 AM, Jacks Grampa said:

That desk is entirely too tidy.

I've explained this before - Two reasons 1) I hate wasting precious tying time hunting through stuff to find stuff that's actually located among stuff it should not be with in the first place. 2) My desk is located within my wife's home office which has great natural light and heat.  A vast improvement over our windowless unheated basement.  I can remain in her office on the conditions that it's kept neat and ALL hooks are accounted for.  12 years now and I haven't yet had to pull one out of her, the cat or the dog!  Yes Mike it looks exactly like that except for when I'm tying then it looks like this- (notice the previous profile plate option)

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Foam core board cut to the size you want works well . It's rigid and can be stood up against whatever far enough behind the vise so as not to get in your way.

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