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Fly Tying

I got a hook in my finger

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6 hours ago, dflanagan said:

SOB. That eyeball pic is crazy. 

I got a size 16 stuck in my lip a few years ago. That sucked a bit but not that big a deal. Started tying Muskie flies a while back and just really got in the habit of mashing barbs. Good thing, too. Had the wife and kids out playing at the lake with those big flies a few weeks ago and got a freshly debarbed hook in the earlobe. No pain but at least the kids think I’m really tough now. 

Do you know the trick using line to pull the hook out, barbed or not?

Know it but hard if two hooks of a treble hook are embedded.

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Happend to me. I pushed the hook through a second time then debarbed the hook then it came back through. Not the best way but it worked.


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