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Fly Tying

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I found a few flies from my grandpa’s fly box that I’ve never (specifically) seen before. Does anyone know what any of these are called? Or the materials needed to tie them other than the dubbing, flash, maribou (tail of the first and second flies I think) and chenille (body of the third one)? 




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Welcome, kburch38.  

I would call #1 a Gartside Sparrow, recipe from the man hisself:

Hook:  #4-14

Thread: Danville's 6/0, tan, orange, olive, gray, or cream

Tail: Pheasant or grizzly rump marabou feather (s); tail length roughly 1/4 length of shank

Body: Rabbit and squirrel blended with antron. Two parts squirrel to one of rabbit. Body should be rough, ragged and "buggy." Original Sparrow was tied in Olive but many other colors are useful.

Hackle: Pheasant rump hackle tied in as a collar, to extend at least to the tip of the tail.

Head: Pheasant aftershaft feather(s) wound around shank just in front of collar.

#2 & 3, I can't help, though surely others will.  


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#2 looks like a salmon fry pattern, based on the yellow-orange egg sac at the throat. That would be my guess anyway. 

#3 is a Matuka. 

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