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Fly Tying

What Drives a Person to be a Fly Fishing Writer?

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Interesting stuff. I gotta give those who do it responsibly a lot of credit because it's not something I think I could do.


It sounds like I'm pretty close to you wildnative in that I love flyfishing/tying and have also been at it about 30 yrs starting as a young teen and I've also considered writing about it. I just don't think I could do it no matter how much I'd like to. I can talk and talk and never shut up when I get going with someone and have drawn a number of un-suspecting souls into the sport ruining there lives! biggrin.gif But the ability to sit down and put it on paper????? well... I just don't know. I've even talked about it with my wife Angi, she just says if I really want to do it I should just leave a tape recorder running and I have PLENTY of material! lol

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There are writers and there are self promoters. Probably on of the best outdoor writer was Ernest Hemmingway. The Old Man and the Sea is a classic.

Then you have the fishing personalities who constantly are promoting themselves.

Look around you'll see guides posting photos of people catching gaint fish.

It's part of the business. The best guide I ever had was a low key guy from Montana who let us do our thing and only offered advice when we needed it.

Some of the best newspaper writers in my opinion are sports writers.

None of them are baseball or football players but they capture the action wonderfully.

Just my .02


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QUOTE (Wildnative @ Mar 23 2005, 03:55 PM)
Most writing is ego based: the writer wants to be recognized and have a by-line. There are exceptions to this of course.

Is fly fishing and tying writing just a way to share or does it have a deeper side to it?

To imply that most writing is ego based is a huge generalization. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, that they want to share something.


Rhetorical question: can you read minds? You'd have to able to do that in order to make the statement that most writing is ego based. wink.gif


I write to share information, and have done so in several different forms of media. I write to share information or thoughts, plain and simple. I can't force myself to write what isn't there, so I'm not the type to churn out hollow drivel on a regular basis. When people bug me and want to know when my next article or contribution is coming, I simply tell them that it will happen when it happens. Some of it is just gleaned from experience, and it takes time to gain experience. wink.gif

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I write because I can.


I don't say that to be facetious, I'm completely serious. Growing up I discovered that there were a lot of things that I couldn't do. I couldn't do any of the things that made guys "cool", so I had to find other outlets. I read a lot, wrote a lot, watched a lot of tv and listened to a lot of music. As I got older and saw how some things change but others stay the same, I found that writing was still something that brought me a great deal of pleasure because it provided an outlet for a frustrated yet extremely fertile imagination.


I wrote constantly about anything. I still write about many different things, and I do use other pseudonyms. Mostly because I'm a private person, or so I thought. Later reflection revealed this to just be a symptom of "fear of intimacy", as so many over-paid yet occasionally correct psychoanalysts would say. The best writing comes from deep inside, even fiction, and if all my work was under the same name the world could put together a complete picture of my insides, and that really would scare me.


I write because I am a writer, and I can. I write about fishing because I love fishing and that makes it a common sense outlet. It would be strange if I were to omit fishing from the stroke of my pen or keyboard. I also write about other things. I write about music, music production, radio, radio production, God, The Bible, computers (mostly complaining!), aquariums, politics, racism, love, physical health, gardening, cooking, blahblahblah.


I write because these things exist to be written about. Like Dble Haul my best stuff comes from inspiration. It may be a memory, or a build it yourself manual, but times occur when stuff just jumps into my head and I have to put it into print. I write because writing exists within me and I am driven to do it as well as I can because it is the expression of my soul. No matter what the subject, it's coming through the lenses of my eyes, and to do bad work tells the world that my world is a cracked and failing place. I can't stand that. I'm not talking about doing things that people don't like because on political and religious issues I get plenty of that every day almost. I'm not even referring to grammatical/spelling errors because Lord knows I make enough of them. I mean that if I can do a work that people can read and blow off as if it had never existed, no matter what the subject, my exposed soul has just been stepped on.


I'm in radio. I love broadcasting, yet it is never enough. Like my writing I have to always grow. I have to challenge mysle fall the time or else the stagnation makes me lose my edge. I had a fantastic boss when I started in radio, a man who has worked accross the country and been a success wherever he's gone. One day we were discussing ego and he told me that no matter how humble a person is, no one in the entertainment business reaches the top without having some ego.


People who know me personally know me as someone who can be bull-headed, and sometimes seemingly a "know-it-all", but only about those things I am completely certain of. Yet these same people (and many of my listeners) have told me how much they enjoy the fact that I make them feel as if they can share anything with me because I am right there on their level. I appreciate that more than I can express to you because that means I can share the things of importance with these people without "me" getting in the way so much.


Don't think for one minute that I don't have the drive to be the best. I don't like to do things that aren't worth doing, and what I do I have to do to the best of my ability. Sure I slack off sometimes, but in general I need to be very good at the things I do in life. Call it... DRIVEN. Three-thirty in the morning, laying in bed, I'll often think of a great "new" fly, or something I need to write about, or some way I can make my next airshift better. I have to force myself to stop thinking sometimes because i just can't shut down. When I fish I'm looking at and listening to eveything around me. When I fish I lose myself in another world. Both are true! Why do I write these things to share?


Because I can't work a 9-5 job. It isn't part of me. I watched with pride as my father hauled himself up to go to his stinking, hot and often painful job as a steelworker here in Pittsburgh, rarely taking a day off, not even sick days until he broke his leg. Even as I admired his work ethic, I knew I couldn't do it. One day, the very first time I watched professional wrestling, that very instant, I knew that I could never retire from a "normal" job because it just isn't in me. I was 8 years old. I wanted to wrestle and I had/have the size and personality which would've allowed me to do so well. I even entered a wrestlign school when I was 18. I'd saved the money for a long time, and when I plopped down the first half of the payment I was ecstatic. Halfway through the schooling, just before my first public match, I lost my full time job. The owners of the school wouldn't allow me to finish without those regular payments of the second half of what I owed them, so I had to drop out. This started a serious downward emotional spiral in my life that lasted for years. I slacked off my bodybuilding and basically just became a fast food worker.


Now that God has turned my life around, and with becoming a wrestler no longer appealing, I looked at my other abilities. My creativity, my voice, and my writing. Now I use them all, and if I don't do them well the rent won't get paid. I do what I do because I love it. I do it as well as I can because I love it. I try to improve all the time because I want God to know that I won't waste what He's given me.


I write because if I couldn't, my soul would shrivel within me. I know.


I stopped writing for years.


You don't want to know how dark my vision of the world was then.






(Just can't write a simple response, can you?)


(Very funny.)



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