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Next project...1/5 scale truck

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Getting ever so close now. After spending a couple days extending the rear of the chassis to fit the two smc lipos I got her almost together now. Just have to wire in the ESC, do the steering and then rear steer lock out, few odds & ends like links for the sway bars and add limiting strap mounts, then it'll be ready for testing before going to the powder coater. The rear chassis length now is perfect as a wheelie bar as well. Had to do the good ol' drop test toi see how the suspension works. Lands with minimal bounce and soaks it right up. Set it up with about 25% droop then 22.5w oil in the shocks and progressive springs. I think it's gonna be a real good big air truck.












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Another thing checked off the "to-do" list on the 1/5 truck project. Fabbed my own rear steer lock out. I was going to do it like Bari & others do with the baja shock shafts/rod ends, but couldn't find just the bare shafts without other parts (high cost) so decided to make my own lock out myself out of solid 5/16 steel round stock. Filed some flats on it then welded some 1/8" steel plates on the ends. squared the housing face to the side face of the hub so it was 90 deg and located the holes. Finally had something on this project go off without a hitch! lol. rear tires are dead straight and solid as a rock.


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Spent the past 2 days airbrushing up the body for the 1/5 scale build. Once I get the chassis sent to powder coat and it comes back in bright yellow this will be going on top of it.









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Didn't have very much time to dedicate to the truck this weekend. Had some rod orders to work on (damn real work) but after finishing one rod this evening I did manage to spend about 3 hrs fabricating a drivers seat out of some sheet metal and 1/8 round stock. Still have more to do such as make a racing harness, mount, then put the driver in once it gets here but came out pretty slick looking so far.


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Haven't had much time the past 2 weeks to work on the 1/5 scale (busy with real work stuff) but have sneaked in a few hours here and there. Found an 8" driver figure online that was the perfect size so made some racing harness, steering wheel, and other things as well as visor for the helmet and such. Also made a mount for a red led kill switch indicator like real Monster Jam trucks have to add to the scale look. My aluminum heim joints came in so was able to connect the sway bars. Got the big giant 1/5 scale servo installed. Took some work to get it in right and where it clears everything but after some back and forth I finally got it tucked up in there real nicely now.

Still have a number of things to do before test runs and powder coat, but the list is getting shorter for sure.









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