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Friday’s float trip

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My wife and I floated a section of a river in NW Wisconsin with a guide yesterday. We have fished with for 10 years, so it is like fishing with a highly skilled friend. The weather was warm and calm with high bluebird skies. 
50F986C2-E293-4091-B0C9-9DAD03F4E1FB.jpeg.601b76c79ad8dce279f3a7ff4e64fc8c.jpegSorry for the sideways pictures. The primary hatch was Ephemeralla Tubous. So we dodged groups of tubes throughout the day. Lots of ducks and eagles. Many of the smallies were tucked away under branches or cut banks. I have been fishing a lot with my new rod that Steve built. With it, I am casting way above my pay grade. The casts are longer and straighter and I can curve them to get around obstacles. What I really like is the improved efficiency of the casting stroke. The best fish of the day was 18.5” and was tucked between overhang and a stick pile. The guide and I worked very well together and maneuvered the fish around and through the stick pile. I was covered up and got no sunburn on my face. It was a long day with 6 hours of driving and 9 hours of fishing. We slept well last night. Most fish were caught on Boogle Bugs and deer hair frogs. I think the next float will be midweek. The next picture is of a dragonfly fly that landed in the boat. It is missing part of it’s abdomen. 

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