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Fly Tying

Damsel Fly Adult Pattern

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15 hours ago, Philly said:

When I was tying the foam ones, I couldn't find the material I used for the wings in the first picture.  For the foam ones  I ended up using material from a bait fish wrap.  I did get the material at the dentist's office and it was some sort of dental floss.  I going to try it for some mayfly spinner bodies.  He's also given me out of date material they use for fillings these days.  It's cured with a UV light.  I've used it to round the bellies on my Crease flies and cover the seams on my popper bodies.  I keep dropping hints that the next time he replaces the UV tool he uses for curing fillings, I would be glad to give the old one a new home.  

I hope I mentioned that it's Charlie Craven's Pattern. He doesn't use wings. He calls his a parachute damsel. That's the longest hackle I could find in my room. I guess that's what imitates the wings.

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I usually get my ideas from looking at dragonfly patterns and crossing them with a waifish super model dressed in bright green or blue and the pattern comes to me!

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