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Fly Tying

What fly for a beginner to start with?

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Just for the record in my experience the more messed up the hair on a woolly bugger the better the fish like em.  That said you don't cut the tails though, you tie in the marabou fibers with just a loose couple of turns of thread then pull the feather forward through the thread towards the hook eye till they are the length you want them, tie it down tight. Your chenille should already be just tied in but not wrapped till the tail feather is in good and tight.  There are several videos out there on youtube explaining the steps to tying a bugger.

Blue Gill will like smaller messed up looking buggers. They also like woolly worms. These are both tried and true patterns, some folks just sort of hang right there tying these in many colors and configurations but especially the bugger, ribbed , non ribbed, weighted, non weighted, eyes, no eyes, even dumb bell eyes. Beads no beads. S0o tie on !!

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7 hours ago, [email protected] said:

As for drawing the fly first its been too long time ago i cant even come close to drawing like i did back then.

Maybe "diagram" is a better word to use than "drawing". It would probably take less than 1 or 2 minutes to make one.  Someone explained to me that I should keep a notebook of the "recipes" for the flies I tie, and there are several good reasons for doing so (which I won't go into here).  I have fallen out of practice in doing it, but am going to fall back into the practice. The notebook would be a good place to put the diagram, and the name of the fly, the date, notes of any special details, etc.  It will serve to remind you later of some details you will forget (like possibly the type and/or size of the hook you used).



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15 hours ago, [email protected] said:

Ok bil_729 , to me it s like o can draw it. I used to draw alot llke outdoor scenes and fish. But if i draw it first my fly probably will be worse then my drawing. Lol.  I just did my first wooly bugger, the hairs are a mess! Lol.


Try fishing it. It looks "buggy".

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