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Game changer shrimp

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Here’s one for you game changers that I ran across.  I never tried them; might need to try it.  Prolly have to make my spine shanks outa something.  Looks like tail with 3,4 more spines, then the hook, eyes and antennas.  Any advise welcomed; work in progress.  Not a lotta gals out there tying. Wonder if any around here...


Did anyone pan down to this nut cake?





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Micro Game Changer Shrimp


You can make your own regular sized Game Changer Shanks using the Looper tool and 20 gauge stainless steel wire.


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First attempt....won’t be mass producing these but doable....craft fur dub for the segments, 4 mm glass rattle in the head.  Might be better if hook was other way ie the tail...  Shrimp pop backwards.  Used 131# Malin hard wire trolling leader for the shanks.  They make a 184# wire if I get to the Coast.  Kids hair fiber for da tail and glass bead eyeballs.

I still have old standbys....Seatrout hammer’em






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