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Fly Tying

Beginner Flies?

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I would add a comparadun/sparkle dun style fly, deer hair wing and/or snowshoe hair wing.  

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On 8/25/2020 at 3:01 PM, haziz said:

, it reminded me of how much I dislike tying with or spinning deer hair. I guess I will have to bite the bullet and practice it over and over again.

I'm not sure what you don't like about it (given you have strong thread--3/0?). I sort of dislike that it can be time consuming.  I don't know if it is "standard technique", but some of the results I like best (maybe just "dense-ist") have come when I physically compress the deer hair, using both hands, and pushing from the left, as I add more and more hair. Comments on this technique (particularly) welcome.   I have a love/hate relationship with the "hair-cut" part!   I have probably tied more deer hair bugs that I will probably never use more than any other type of fly--I should salvage some of my hooks.  I guess the ones I am thinking of I tied using "carabou" (too soft, probably).  I think non-tyers are especially impressed by a well-tied deer hair bug...it stands  like magic unbeknownst to them how the hair could be attached to the hook the way it appears...

P.S. I hope no one here thinks I'm an elitist because I used the word "unbeknownst", I think it's got a poetic ring to it--maybe a grammarian will let me know whether I used it correctly.  : )

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